LA Pilot Event- October 2008

On October 7th, 2008 HIAS Young Leaders Los Angeles hosted a third pilot of the Welcome the Stranger event.

Dahlia Pirnouz shares "It was a great opportunity to hear about other people's immigration experience to the United States. I was born in LA but my family came from Shiraz, Iran. Hearing other Young Leaders share their immigration experiences from Russia and Argentina made me realize the similarities of their families experiences in terms of integrating into life in the United States. During our pilot program, we started a discussion regarding experiences of discrimination in Los Angeles for immigrants and children of immigrants. This was extremely meaningful as I learned how my peers in the Latino and Russian community sometimes feel like an outsider even though they were born here in LA."

If you are interested in bringing this pilot program to your LA organization please contact Leah Weiner, HIAS Young Leaders Coordinator at 310-927-0395

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